Urisan Prosta 60 tabs 60 g

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Urisan Prosta 60 tabs 60 g

Pumpkin seed – Saw palmetto extract tablet

Urisan Prosta 60 tabs 60 g

For men and women.

For prostate enlargement problems.

To control overactive bladder and incontinence.

Increases urinary excretion, relaxes the bladder and helps to empty the bladder.

Reduces residual urine in the bladder.


Anti-caking agent E 460, EFLA® 940 pumpkin seed extract (Cucurbita pepo L.), Saw palmetto extract (Serenoa repens), Surface finishing agent E 470b


Daily dosage 2 tablets contain:


Pumpkin seed extract          500 mg


Saw palmetto extract           320 mg



2 tablets per day. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Not recommended to be used with anticoagulation or hormonal medication. Not recommended for people with hepatic or renal impairment


Package size:

60 tablets/ 60 g

Urisan Prosta 60 tabs 60 g

Physiological effects:

Urisan Prosta contains EFLA® 940 pumpkin seed extract (Cucurbita pepo L.) and saw palmetto extract (Serenoa repens)obtained from saw palmetto berries. These extracts contain f.ex. essential fatty acids and plantsterols (betasitosterols). The concentration of phenolic compounds and adenosines in the pumpkin seed extract is standardised.

The active ingredients of Urisan Prosta make urination easier, help to empty the bladder and calm overactive bladder. For women tablets are recommended for problems caused by incontinence and overactive bladder, for men especially for urination problems caused by prostate enlargement. Tablets are recommended for people over 40 years. Results can be expected after 2-3 weeks of use. Urinary incontinence is reduced and allows better sleep without extra visits to toilet during the night time.

Urisan Prosta 60 tabs 60 g

Pumpkin seeds increase urine extraction. They have been used traditionally for the urination problems caused especially by prostate enlargement and overactive bladder. The effects of EFLA® 940 pumpkin seed extract are studied and the extract has been shown to relax the muscles of the bladder wall so that the bladder empties better, and to strengthen the pelvic floor and sphincter musculature. EFLA®940 demonstrated a 40% reduction in nocturnal micturition among elderly men with pollakiuria.

Saw palmetto relaxes overactive bladder, reduces the frequency to urinate and it also reduces residual urine in the bladder.

Saw palmetto helps to prevent testosterone from being converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT causes prostate enlargement and male pattern hair loss. Saw palmetto seems not to reduce the size of prostate but it makes the urethral wall thinner whereby the urinary flow becomes easier.


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