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Vida Shock Reduces hair loss 12

Scientists might not agree on the final causes of alopecia, but the truth is that many factors contribute to hair loss: unbalanced diets, certain medicines, hormone change, mood swings, nerves, anxiety, tiredness… The problem appears most frequently in spring and autumn, and it affects both women and men during those two seasons. Prevention is the best solution. Hereditary alopecia can only be slowed down. In all other cases the best option is to try to minimise the effects, strengthening the root of the hair and treating the scalp.
Strong roots stand for strong hair. Hair loss is the number one concern for 57 % of the male population.
It is a biological trichogenic compound with sulphopeptides, glycides, amino acids…. active elements that stimulate the scalp, control sebaceous secretion and strengthen hair vitality.
It also contains astringent and revitalising plant extracts and keratin, for added volume.
How does it work:
It controls sebaceous secretion and plays an important role decongesting the scalp and avoiding irritation. These essential nutrients, from the bulb matrix, strengthen hair vitality, reducing brittleness and preventing matt hair.
The intensive treatment lasts one month and then requires 1 or 2 vials a week while the hair loss problem persists. VIDA SHOCK vials should be used on clean hair (however, the product can also be applied without washing hair).
Use Directions:
Massage gently onto wet or damp hair. Do not rinse hair after applying VIDA SHOCK.

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