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VIRONAL 180 tabs


VIRONAL 180tabs

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VIRONAL - fight the flu

How does it work?

Viralon is a specially designed product against the most severe viruses and respiratory infections. It is a powerful immunostimulator with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Viralon has a unique content that is a mixture of herbal extracts, vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics. The effect of Vironal occurs after the first intake of the preparation. It is strongest on the airways and throat and is therefore applied to any flu, cough and runny nose. The sooner you start taking Vironal - the faster and stronger its effect.

How and how much can be taken?

Vironal is taken in the morning and evening in two tablets after a meal. In the case of viral infection, the dosage may be increased three times a day by three tablets. As a prophylaxis for the winter period, a twice a day dosage is recommended per tablet.

Are there undesirable and side effects?

All herbs that are contained in Vironal are specially selected and processed for this product. The product does not contain hyg. substances and fillers. No side effects and allergies are involved in its administration. It can be taken over a long period without having any toxic effects on the body. All the requirements of European legislation for the production of food additives have been complied with.

Is it possible to combine with other medicines or herbs?

Viralon can be combined with other medicines or supplements - this does not reduce its healing effect.

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