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Vitaslim BEAUTY 20 caps


Vitaslim BEAUTY 20 caps

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Vitaslim BEAUTY 20 caps

Proficient Care for Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails.

Vitaslim BEAUTY suggests a completely diverse answer to problems with distressed skin, hair loss, and lenient and breakable nails. The action of its innovative method helps to fostering skin, hair and nails organically.

The distinctive alimental advanced consists especially selected elements plant oils, vitamins and antioxidants.

It preserves the natural beauty enduringly. The action Vitaslim BEAUTY is fast thanks to its superior liquid formula (patented Licaps® technology by Capsugel).

Shiny Hair

Vitaslim BEAUTY recuperates damaged hair by hydrating and nutritious it from within.

It combats hair loss by firming the bonds between scalp and hair roots. Vitaslim BEAUTY decreases dandruff through active sustenance and hydration of the scalp.

It hurries up hair growth, and makes hair robust, flexible and strong to chemical actions, warm air from cold, sun, wind, hair dryers, etc.

Solid Nails

Vitaslim BEAUTY strengthens breakable and lenient nails.

It hurries up their growth and recovers its look, serving to them become strong and sensible trying.

Toned Skin

Vitaslim BEAUTY feeds and hydrates skin, making it soft as silk, flexible and shiny.

The product reduces ageing and look of wrinkles by its robust inhibitor action.

Recovers the situation of stratum, so serving to the skin recuperate quicker and appearance fresher and spirited.


1 capsule a pair of times daily (morning and evening), 10–15 minutes before mealtimes.

A minimum of 3 months must be taken for maximum effect.

Contra-indication: No known contra-indications.

This product isn't counseled for individuals allergic to fish product (fish gelatin capsules).

A Unique advanced of Vitamins and Minerals, and Natural Oils. 

The substances of Vitaslim BEAUTY have been exactly combined in order to reinforce the effect of each element.

Borage Oil fortifies skin, nails hair.

It saves the contemporary look of the skin by alimental it, increases renewal of the skin cells.

Evening Primrose Oil advances skin condition.

It contains vital omega-3 fatty acid unsaturated fatty acids that contribute to the renewal of latest skin cells, and has inhibitor properties.

Wheat Germ Oil could be a distinctive combination of omega-3 fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids.

Clinical analysis has well-tried that it advances skin association and reinforces hair roots, so decreasing hair loss.

Astaxanthin a great antioxidant which guards the normal functions of cells and tissues.

It protects skin, hair and nails by riveting and deactivating the harmful ultraviolet light rays. Vitamin E increases the blood provide of the scalp, thus supporting hair growth.

It has inhibitor qualities and saves body cells very important.

Coenzyme Q10 due to its antioxidant qualities, it reduces sown ageing of human body cells.

Coenzyme Q10 retains the young and beautiful look of the skin and decreases below eye wrinkles.

Lutein a durable inhibitor, confirmed to reinforced nail, skin and hair.

It recovers skin association and physical property, making it smooth and refined.

Vitamin A strengthens the action of albuminoid and its proteins that square measure vitally necessary for the structure of skin, nails and hair.

Selenium retains tissues flexible and is useful for the scalp.

It combats dandruff and stops it from repeating.


Vitamin D3 has a main role in the regulation of many organs and systems of the human body. It backings the produce of novel body cells.

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