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Vitaslim Immuno 90 capsules


Vitaslim Immuno 90 capsules

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Vitaslim IMMUNO is the most powerful natural immune system booster. It supports the natural powers of the human body, thus preventing flu, infections, and colds.

The strong action of the product is due to its special ingredients – propolis, ginseng and eucalyptus, which have been used in western and eastern medicine for centuries. They are called “natural antibiotics” – because of their strong healing properties.

The action Vitaslim IMMUNO is fast due to its special liquid formula (patented Licaps® technology by Capsugel).

Vitaslim IMMUNO stops the growth of the influenza virus and reduces the risk of colds. It kills disease causing bacteria and reduces inflammation. Vitaslim IMMUNO supports the formation of natural immunity towards the most common flu causing bacteria.

Vitaslim IMMUNO improves the general condition of people who have infections, flu or cold. It suppresses the symptoms of sickness and shortens its duration. Vitaslim IMMUNO supports the respiratory system and is beneficial for people suffering from bronchitis, cough, tonsillitis, sore throat, etc. The product is beneficial for the fast recovery of the human body after a disease, and strengthens the healing effect of medicines (it could be taken along with medication).

Vitaslim IMMUNO is recommended for disease prevention. In case you are already sick – you should take it during the sickness and also during the recovery period. The product is suitable for disease prevention during the flu and colds season. It is recommended in cases of:

Frequent and repeating diseases;

Influenza, cold and viral and inflectional diseases;

Respiratory diseases.

1-2 capsules daily – adults only.

Contraindications: The product is not recommended for children, pregnant and nursing women and people allergic to fish products (fish gelatin capsules).

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