Vitaslim VITAMINS 30 caps

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Vitaslim VITAMINS 30 Caps

Vitaslim VITAMINS is a complex of essential vitamins and minerals to promote health-enhancing and strengthening the immune system. Assists in maintaining normal function of thyroid and brain. Supports the vision and maintain normal blood glucose levels and hemoglobin. Contributes to reducing muscle fatigue and feelings of fatigue. Actively promote the metabolism of nutrients in the body, ensuring normal growth in children (in an appropriate dosage for children).Promotes healthy bones and teeth and hair, skin and nails. Has a beneficial effect on sexual health, especially in men. Exhibits antioxidant activity, which is further enhanced by investments dapolnitelno coenzyme Q10.


Vitaslim VITAMINS balanced formula that supports the proper functioning of all systems in the human body. Contribute to proper growth in children. The additional intake of vitamins and minerals is especially needed when the seasons change (extremely valuable in autumn-winter period) in an epidemic situation, as well as against disease states and disease. With reduced physical tone and difficulty concentrating. Taking vitamins is very important in active sports where physical exercise, in people with gastrointestinal problems, as well as pregnant women and children.


Combined for better results


The combination Vitaslim VITAMINS + Vitaslim BEAUTY is rich complex of vitamins, vegetable oils and antioxidants that have beneficial effects on health and beauty of hair, skin and nails. The unique combination of vitamins and natural oils provide effective hair restoration, especially after exposure to harmful external influences such as hair dryer, chemical treatment, UV rays, cold, wind … Assists preodolavyaneto of hair loss. Suitable for problems with soft, breaking and splitting nails. Provides natural food for skin, contributing to its fresh appearance and health. The combination and extremely rich source of Q10 – coenzyme of youth.


Vitaslim VITAMINS + Vitaslim HEALTH is especially good combination for winter is, it helps to effectively boost immunity and building and maintaining a stable barrier against disease states (especially those caused by low immunity).Adequate protection in epidemic situations. Extremely useful in autumn and winter. In summer, when sunbathing, provides skin health, as with a powerful antioxidant helps protect from burns and the construction of a pleasant and lasting tan (tan).



Taking Vitaslim VITAMINS


For adults: 1-2 capsules daily. For children over age 3 – 1 capsule daily.


In combination with another product of Vitaslim follow the pattern of intake of each product as stated in the leaflet.


Contraindications: None known. Not recommended for people with sensitivity and allergy to fish and fish products (fish gelatin capsules).


Dietary supplement – 30 capsules 680 mg.


Vitaslim VITAMINS can be bought from pharmacies.

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