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VIT:JAL – Revitalizing MIX


VIT:JAL – Revitalizing MIX

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VIT:JAL - Revitalizing MIX 10 ml 5 ml for treatment of the face and 5 ml treatment neck.

VIT:JAL Revitalizing MIX from Promoitalia.

A special combination of vitamins , amino acids and hyaluronic acid in a single product !
- Mild wrinkles
- Dehydrated and atonic skin face , neck , arms and legs.
Therefore, the daily exposure to environmental factors , the skin loses its elasticity , tone and its hydration . These adverse effects increase with age.
Neretikulirana special combination of hyaluronic acid and lipoic acid nourishes the skin with ingredients that the body can only produce in the required quantities / hyaluronic acid , vitamins , minerals, co-enzymes , lipoic acid , etc. . / . This cocktail , furthermore , stimulate the microcirculation in a manner conducive to cell transfer and metabolism. The apparent loss of skin tone is a symptom of the lack of such substances , which allow the skin to keep supple and toned in time. Revitalizes the skin acts so that cells can recover foregoing . So revitalizing the skin and stimulate its help in the fight against obsolescence , while fighting against the causes and effects of them.

VIT: JAL Indications - Dehydrated skin Fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid : One of the main components of connective tissue responsible for hydration and skin elasticity.
coenzymes :
Lipoic acid : The best antioxidant because of its power to neutralize free radicals in all areas of cell / lipophilic and hydrophilic / . This is one of the main differences between α- Lipoic acid and other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E.N - Acetylcysteine ​​: NAC is known as a non-toxic substance and direct antioxidant activity against free radicals , this molecule due to its structure , managed easily pass through cell membranes.
vitamins :
Vitamin D: an active role in the basic metabolism of the cells in the tissue.
Vitamin C: is revitalizing action. Improves the overall appearance of the skin , giving it a youthful appearance , even in cases where there are the first signs of aging her
Use: Visible results can be seen after four series for one year. Each series consists of six courses of treatment. The number of applications may be dependent on the type of skin. It is recommended to carry out one treatment per week.
Ingredients: Sterile cosmetic solution for professional use in a vial of 10 ml .
Storage: Store the product at a temperature not higher than 25 º C.
Do not expose to direct sunlight .

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