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Well Being Shake


Well Being Shake

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The Well Being Shake is a healthy, nutritious drink that contains many valuable ingredients. You can make it quickly and easily wherever you are – at work, at school, in the gym, or on the road. the Well Being Shake completes your diet with components that are often lacking for various reasons. These include: 

• The seasonality of certain fruit and vegetables (kale, watermelon, etc).

• Exotic fruits unavailable because they’re difficult to transport (passionfruit, acai, etc).

• Taste (green tea, green coffee, kale, broccoli, spinach, etc).

• A lack of knowledge of how to prepare tasty meals using them (goji, kale, green coffee, etc).

The Well Being Shake is based on a pure soy protein isolate (which is both healthy and safe). This is a wholesome composition of freeze-dried extracts of 14 fruits and vegetables. Freeze-drying is regarded today as the best method of preserving food, as it retains the most natural flavour, aroma, colour and nutritional value, and precludes the need for artificial preservatives. The ingredients for our new shake have been very carefully and specially selected with regards to the metabolic needs of the human body. 


Who’s it for?

- For everyone: the shakes contain a large amount of protein, which fuels our bodies and causes us to feel full for longer. Protein provides for better recovery of the organism, and contains amino acids that contribute to the improved appearance of your hair, skin and nails.

- For people on a diet: the Well Being Shake offers a balanced meal that’s low on the Glycemic Index and has only a small number of calories very important when we want to lose those extra kilograms.

- For people practising sport: the Well Being Shake is great for consumption after training, as it accelerates muscle regeneration and fat reduction.

- For busy people: it’s also a healthy, tasty alternative to traditional meals and frequently reached-for unhealthy snacks (fast food, chocolate bars and crisps, etc).


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