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Placenta Anti Hair Loss Energizing Lotion with Placenta Extracts

Energizing the metabolism of hair follicle, the lotion has a high content of placental protein. The product keeps the physiological balance of scalp. The effect is visible right after first applications. The regular use of it is an effective method to restore the metabolic functions of hair follicles. When using 2-3 ampoules weekly for a period of one month, the product removes dandruff and helps stop of hair loss. Then we recommend using of one ampoule per week. Do not rinse after application!

How to use:

After washing and gently drying your hair, apply the content of 1 ampoule on the scalp and massage delicately until complete absorption. Then shape your hairstyle. DO NOT RINCE! 

1 box contains 8 glass ampoules of 10 ml e

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