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Acerola cherry – blackcurrant tablet

Xylisweet Acerola contains acerola cherry, which is known as one of the best sources of vitamin C.

Xylisweet Acerola is sweetened with raspberry flavour and xylitol, a tooth-friendly sweetener.

Vitamin C has many important functions in our body. Vitamin C is effective for protecting body cells against oxidation. Vitamin C increases oral iron absorption. It is good to take extra amount of Vitamin C during the flu season in order to avoid annoying flu symptoms. Vitamin C is especially needed by elderly people, pregnant women, convalescents, those who are on a diet, athletes and for those who are under stress. Also smoking consumes body’s vitamin C reserves.

Daily dosage (1 tablet) contains:

Vitamin C 75 mg

Contains no lactose, gluten or yeast



210 tablets


Hankintatukku oy

Hankintatukku oy
Hankintatukku oy

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