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Yarrow 120 tabs

Yarrow acts especially favorably on the female reproductive system. It normalizes the monthly cycle of women. It eliminates the painful menstruation, prevents formation of cysts of the ovaries. It has anti-inflammatory effect on the throat and respiratory system.

How and how much can be taken?

Yarrow is taken from 3 to 6 tablets daily after eating and the supporting dosage recommended by Dr. Toshkov is from 1 to 2 tablets. The favorable effect of Yarrow appears after the 2nd week of reception. For achieving permanent results it should be taken for a longer time (at least 5-6 months).

Are there any undesired or side effects?

Yarrow has no undesired or side effects. The product has been offered on the market for 8 years and the tolerance towards it is proven positive. Overdosage with Yarrow is not possible. Yarrow could not harm you because it is a real natural product, beneficial to your health. It is not addictive and no allergic and toxic effects are observed.

Ingredients :

– Yarrow

– Inulin


Herba medica

Herba medica
Herba medica

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