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Bone and Joint Health Pain Supplement

With age, our bones need extra care and protection as they start to deteriorate like any other organ. 

If you neglect natural bone ailments like osteoporosis or arthritis, they can lead to serious consequences. Additionally, traumas and accidents can also cause degradation of bone health, requiring additional support for healing.

To maintain healthy bones, our bodies require essential components such as essential minerals, vitamins, and calcium. However, our bodies are not always capable of absorbing the necessary nutrients from food. That’s why it is necessary to take additional bone and joint health supplements for the treatment of bone and joint pain.

Joint and bone supplements available at Natural Herbs Market can provide additional support to ensure that your joints and bones stay healthy and heal faster. 

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Bone Health


A healthy diet can provide you with the daily required amount of nutrients necessary for your bone health. However, as you age, your body may struggle to obtain the necessary nutrients. Therefore, incorporating bone and joint supplements into your daily diet is one of the best ways to ensure you receive the required amount of nutrients.

 A few essential nutrients that your body needs: 


Calcium is a vital component of our bones, emphasizing the importance of calcium in the human body. Our daily food sources, such as eggs, milk, and yogurt, naturally contain calcium. However, if your diet lacks sufficient calcium, the addition of calcium supplements can help your body maintain a perfect balance. Healthcare professionals commonly recommend calcium supplements for patients recovering from trauma or accidents to support joint and bone health.

Vitamin C:

One of the essential vitamins that our body needs to build immunity is vitamin C. It also helps to build protein collagen, which is an essential component for building bone mineralization. It is one of the best supplements that can be consumed daily as it doesn’t have side effects when consumed the recommended amount. 

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D helps our body to absorb calcium, and Vitamin D deficiencies can result in bone loss. Vitamin D can be naturally absorbed from sunlight and food sources. However, people with dark skins and older adults run a high risk of suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.  

Vitamin K:

Vitamin K helps the calcium reach our bones, and if you are suffering from Vitamin K deficiency, it can lead to low bone density and increase your chances of bone fracture. Like any other vitamin, Vitamin K is available naturally in certain foods such as leafy vegetables and meat. However, people who have recently suffered from bone fractures or older adults can have additional Vitamin K supplements for joint and bone pain. 


When it comes to the best supplements for joint and bone pain, Magnesium is the flag bearer. Magnesium supports your body to use calcium, and Vitamin D. Magnesium deficiencies can lead to osteoporosis. Consuming an adequate amount of Magnesium can help to reduce the risk of bone fracture and also promote healing. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Omega-3 is something that our body cannot produce naturally. So, the only way to get omega-3 is through additional sources, such as fish or plant-based sources. Omega 3 helps in building healthy cells that provide cushion to your joints. Moreover, Omega-3 also has inflammatory properties, which helps in building your bone health. So, look for bone and joint pain supplements that contain both DHA and EPA. 

Common Symptoms of Arthritis and Osteoporosis

Though both arthritis and osteoporosis are different bone and joint diseases, they are common in a few aspects.

They share a few common symptoms such as: 

  • Joint pain
  • Joint warmth
  • Joint swelling
  • Joint tenderness
  • Joint stiffness (particularly morning stiffness)
  • Bony joint enlargement
  • Misalignment of involved joints.

The best way to aid in treating or protecting your joints and bones is by using the natural supplements for bone and joint health available here at Natural Herbs Market. 

Natural Herbs in Market is a team of dedicated people who are determined to provide the world with natural health supplements for a range of health disorders. 

Bone and Joint Health Pain SupplementBone and Joint Health Pain SupplementBone and Joint Health Pain SupplementBone and Joint HealthBone and Joint Health Pain SupplementBone and Joint Health Pain SupplementBone and Joint Health

Is clinically studied, natural and safe dietary ingredient, which targets mediators of joint comfort and flexibility. Various joint problems are common and can result from ageing or extra burden, such as obesity, wrong working position and sports might cause joint and muscle stiffness, soreness and problems in moving. A synergistic composition derived from Boswellia serrata gum resin. Extract’s active ingredient is acetyl acid. Studies have shown AKBA to participate in enzyme and biomarker action involved in joint inflammation and to inhibit the action of MMP-3 enzyme, which destroys collagen in synovial cells.

Bone and Joint Health

Has exhibited powerful anti-inflammatory and joint health potential in three clinical studies without any adverse effects → Improvement in pain scores and physical function scores in osteoarthritis subjects as early as 5 days after beginning the use. Bodyflex food supplement contains serrata extract 100 mg/ capsule. Bone and Joint Health is a patented next generation extract, which active ingredient Acetyl acid (AKBA) is standardised. The oral bioavailability of AKBA from Bone and Joint Health was found to be significantly higher compared to that of other commercially available Boswellia extracts. Bodyflex food supplement supports active lifestyle and suits especially ageing people and those whose joints are altered from stress.