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Cinnamon 850mg 30caps
Cinnamon Capsules by HealthAid are formulated using the best quality standardised extract and p..
CLA Figurel 80 + kromi
Linked linoleic acid + chromium, burns excess fat Purpose: Linked linolenic acid (CLA) favors the..
Coffee Slim 60capsules
 HealthAid CoffeeSlim™ is new weight management supplement with essential ingredients, suc..
DEPURERBE LIQUIDO 250 ML This product helps for eliminating the toxins from the organism because ..
FAT BURNER is an innovative product, a combination of 100% natural ingredients that stimulates ..
Fibre Dophilus 90tablets
Fibre Dophilus 90tablets A healthy intestine has a delicate balance of intestinal flora.  Fr..
Figurel Low Carb 60tabl
Prevents the absorption of carbohydrates, decreases calorie intake and boosts diet.Almost half of th..
Garcia Slim 60tabl
Tropical fruit Garcia was used for many years to support weight loss as part of a diet plan to contr..
L-Carnitine + Vitaslim Line + Eskimo-3 fish oil
L-Carnitine + Vitaslim Line + Eskimo-3 fish oil Eskimo-3 is a unique stable fish oil sup..
Liposculpture 100ml
Anti cellulite serum with slimming action: ▪ ▪ sensitive skin normal to dry skin dry skin ▪ ▪ normal..
Slimmix AntiCellulite
The slowing of metabolism causes cellulite, which is basically gathered fat and can be seen as uneve..
Slimmix Fat Burner
The active ingredient in Slimmix capsules is Sinetrol®, a patented natural extract made from citrus ..