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A – Z 27 vitamins


A – Z 27 vitamins

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A balanced diet gurarantees an optimal supply with vital substances. However, if the diet does not meet these requirements the supply with certain vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements is suboptimal.

Just one ABO A to Z Tablet per day provides your organism with 27 vital vitamis, minerals and trace elements in order to avoid any deficiency symptoms.

Note: Pregnant women should check with their doctor before taking ABO A to Z Tablets due to the Vitamin A content.  


One ABO A to Z Tablet per day, unchewed with fluid.

Ingredients: di-calcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, vitamin C, bulking agent cellulose, miaze starch, gelatine, vitamin E acetate, nicotinamide, separator magnesium chloride of edible fat, iron-II-fumarate, silicium di oxide, croscamellose, sodium, D-Calcium-pantothenat, zinc oxide, mangan-II-sulfate, vitamin A-acetate, copper-II-sulfur, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin K1, chrome-III-chloride,  sodium molybdat, folic acide,  biotin, potassium iodide, sodium selenate.

Ingredients coating: HPMC, polydextrose, gum arabic, talcum, titanium dioxide, iron oxide yellow and red.



Average Nutrition Values:

per tablet

 % RDA*

Vitamin A

800 µg

100 %

Vitamin C

75 mg

125 %

Vitamin D

5,0 µg

100 %

Vitamin E

10,0 mg

100 %

Vitamin B1

1,4 mg

100 %

Vitamin B2

1,6 mg

100 %

Vitamin B6

2,0 mg

100 %

Vitamin B12

1,0 µg

100 %


18,0 mg

100 %

Pantothenic acid

6,0 mg

100 %

Folic acid

200,0 µ

100 %


150,0 µ

100 %

Vitamin K

30,0 µg



Additional information

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ABOPHARMA Abo Pharma is a German company specializing in the production and distribution of high quality nutritional supplements and natural health products. Founded in 1996 by Hubertus Bonk, it has since built a reputation as a trusted partner in people's health and well-being. The Abo Pharma catalog is a rich combination of natural supplements and vitamins suitable for different ages, different diseases, activity and lifestyle. Particular attention is also paid to the care of children's health and the encouragement of children to take the vitamins they need. Abo Pharma nutritional supplements use the purest and highest quality ingredients. The brand's commitment is to provide innovative and effective solutions backed by scientific research to boost the immune system and help prevent common health problems.
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