NeoFitoroid biocream is a medicinal product based on plant molecular complexes with a soothing and protective effect on the anorectal mucosa, which counteracts the discomfort (pain, burning and itching), irritation and inflammation due to hemorrhoids.

How to use :

The action of NeoFitoroid is due to Helydol – a lyophilized extract composed of a purified lipophilic fraction of a special variety of Helichrysum, enriched with aloe, prickly pear, vegetable and essential oils, which soothes irritation, protects the mucous membrane and facilitates its normalization through 3 mechanisms of action:

1. Mucoadhesive action: adheres to the mucous membrane, forming a film with a barrier effect that protects it from contact with irritating agents;
2. Lubricant action: reduces friction with feces, thus protecting against irritation and blood stasis in the perianal area;
3. Antioxidant action: protects the mucosa from free radicals, indirectly relieving inflammation.

In addition, NeoFitoroid creates an unfavorable environment for the development of microorganisms, has an additional protective effect and relieves itching. Its refreshing properties lead to rapid relief of symptoms.

NeoFitoroid does not contain corticosteroids and anesthetics, and thanks to its mechanism of action, it does not irritate or dry the mucous membrane.

NeoFitoroid bioCream is indicated for the treatment of pain, burning and itching in the anal and perianal area associated with hemorrhoids (internal and external). It can also be used in the presence of anal fissures.

NeoFitoroid bioCream is also suitable for prevention, as well as in all cases that can lead to irritation and/or stagnation of blood in the anal and perianal area (constipation, diarrhea, improper diet and lifestyle). NeoFitoroid bioCream is also suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.