DiabeFor Gluco x60caps is a high-quality natural product that contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels through all the important mechanisms for those suffering from type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. DiabeFor Gluco supports the production of insulin, but also improves the sensitivity of the cell to insulin.

In addition, DiabeFor Gluco promotes the normal metabolism of macronutrients and has a beneficial effect on achieving normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This effect is also important for the normal metabolism in the body and the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels.

DiabeFor Gluco contains Pterocarpus extract and chromium, obtained naturally, and the product is free of side effects.


Pterocarpus Marsupium Extract (patented Silbinol 5% Pterostilbene Extract) 200 mg
Chromium (trivalent, from enriched yeast) 40 µg

DiabeFor Gluco x60caps Dosage:

For adults: twice two tablets a day. There are no contraindications to increasing the dose with one or two tablets as needed.

For persons from 7 to 14 years of age: twice one tablet.

The product can also be used by persons under the specified age after consultation with a specialist.

The product can also be used by pregnant women with type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.

Method of administration: immediately before meals.

Duration of administration: can be taken without interruption.

Prophylaxis: one tablet two or three times a day, just before meals.