• Evonia Anti Grey Hair -tablets contain carefully selected nutrients that are needed for forming pigment and enhancing hair condition. The tablets enhance hair pigment (especially manganese), prevent hair turning grey prematurely (especially several B-vitamins and copper) and strengthen and improve hair condition.
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Evonia Anti Grey Hair x60 caps The vitamin-mineral complex that promotes the formation of pigment in the hair. Its formula helps maintain the good general condition of the hair. The manganese contained in the product is an activator of an enzyme responsible for creating the pigment in the hair. The other components are important for the healthy appearance of the hair as a whole.


calcium – 200mg

inositol – 50mg

para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) – 20mg

choline – 10mg

zinc – 10mg

vitamin B5 – 6mg

manganese – 2mg

honey – 1mg

folic acid – 200µg

biotin – 60µg

vitamin B12 – 3µg

Evonia Anti Grey Hair x60 caps Dosage:
1 tablet daily.


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