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GanoCord is as exceptional composition of two extraordinary extracts, the first of which was obtained from ganoderma – the fungus considered to be a synonym of immortality, used in the medicine of Far East for thousands of years and classified in the first position in the ranking of Chinese medicinal plants. Ganoderma supports among others immune system and helps to maintain correct levels of LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular system.

The second component of GanoCord is the extract of Cordyceps mycelium. 
This unique biennial fungus combines plant and animal body. It is extremely rare and valuable, as it naturally appears only in the high mountains of Tibet.

GanoCord is an exceptional supplement because it combines ganoderma with spores – a component that is difficult to get even in China, the homeland of this fungus, and the cordyceps mycelium extract – the components with the highest desired quality, with total weight up to 30 grams of an extracted substance from both fungi.

60 capsules

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