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Super Licetin 200 tabs

Licetin is a natural product whose features are known to few people. Its main ingredients are choline and inositol. Choline has an important role in the construction of biological membranes and is associated with some vitamins. Inositol can be found in plant extracts, for example from soybeans. A large amount of inositol is stored in the human brain. Choline and inositol are substances that burn fat and prevent fatty degeneration of the liver. Licetin lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and transforms it into its water-soluble fraction. It is easier to remove from the body. Licetin “cleanses” the walls of the blood vessels and strengthens the heart muscle. It is necessary for everyone, because our food contains a lot of fat. Another important action of lecithin is its good effect on joint pain and its regular use enables patients to carry out their basic activities.

Licetin is useful for people sensitive to changes in time. It is indispensable for athletes who suffer from joint pain.

Licetin gives hair a good look and reduces hair loss. The emergence of eczema may be limited by his help. Lecithin improves memory and has a good sedative effect and stimulates brain activity. In older people it is an excellent way to improve appetite. It acts anti-inflammatory and softens stools

How and how much can be taken?

As a nutritional supplement for adults, 1-2 tablets three times a day after a meal, depending on individual needs and sensitivity.


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