Liposculpture 100ml

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Anti cellulite serum with slimming action: ▪ ▪ sensitive skin normal to dry skin dry skin ▪ ▪ normal to oily skin oily ▪

Liposculpture is an advanced technology, cream / serum to improve the silhouette created by medical specialists of Beauty Clinic Bergman to reduce and prevent the appearance of cellulite. Liposculpture helps reduce cellulite and fatty deposits, minimize swollen kind of problem areas. Liposculpture also helps to soften rough areas, deeply hydrates and gives a new form of your body. Silk Serum helps to tone the legs, thighs and hips. The use of beta-glucans will protect body skin aging and enhance the immune system.
Unique sviystva:
• Prevents growth of already arisen fat cells and limits the emergence of new.
• Stimulates drainage and has a tightening effect by improving body composition
• Helps eliminate cellulite and fight against skin aging.