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NATURAL SERUM Radiance 15ml


NATURAL SERUM Radiance 15ml

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The skin’s radiance depends on the even skin tone, the health of the keratin layer and the quality of the collagen. Lack of radiance may be due to exposure in the sun, bad eating habits, stress and other factors. Under these circumstances, the skin needs the RADIANCE natural serum as its active ingredients stimulate all processes necessary for a radiant, rejuvenated and fatigue-free skin.

  • Radiance, decrease in discolorations and enhancement of the overall skin tone thanks to bilberry and vitamin C.
  • Smoothing effect on the skin’s micro-relief thanks to bilberry and vitamin C.
  • Strong antioxidant action thanks to vitamin C, lycopene, rosehip, pomegranate and propolis.
  • Maintenance of cellular longevity thanks to coenzyme Q10.
  • Holistic rejuvenation treatment thanks to organic citrus fruits essential oils (orange, lemon, neroli).

Each APIVITA natural serum constitutes a “complete” beauty treatment and can be combined with any APIVITA face care line in order to achieve multiple and enhanced action. Choose the APIVITA natural serum that suits your needs and incorporate it in your daily treatment:

Step 1 – Cleansing

Step 2 – Serum

Step 3 – Face cream

In order to have a holistic intensive skin treatment, you can alternate the APIVITA natural serums you use. Try using all four different types of APIVITA natural serum in the course of the year. Extended use can maximize results.



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