Purification mask

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Purification is an intensive cleaning and smoothing mask. Made of China clay and Tea Tree Oil, it absorbs dirt and grease. Extremely good for oily and combination skin type and acne because this deep cleansing mask also restores the natural moisture balance of the skin.
 Special complex:
 Beta Glucan: protects against damage from UVA-rays, improves the immune system and relieves skin irritations.
 Vitamin B5 (Panthenol): There is a revitalizing effect on the skin. Safeguard protection from the wind, sun and is suitable for sensitive and dry skin.
 Vitamin F (Borago Officinalis): nourishes and vitalizes the skin maintain its natural moisture balance. Improves blood circulation and makes the overall appearance lighter.
 Kaolin (Chinese Clay): absorbs excess sebum and dirt, lightens ladder and has a matting effect
 Tea tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia): disinfects, cleans the skin.
 Squalane: adjusted deficit of lipid film to strengthen natural defenses.