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Recovery Care 15ml


Recovery Care 15ml

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The rich experience and knowledge of experts from clinics BEAUTY Bergman in the field of cosmetic surgery and procedures for combating aging, provides the basis for creating products from a range REHABILITATION CARE
Created from a clinical perspective, restorative care products use after cosmetic surgery or treatment of specific skin needs. Exclusive strengthening effect promises skin regeneration, helps removal of scars and relieves burns. Product series Restorative care are a synthesis of experience Clinics Bergman, making them directly available to consumers.
Beta-glucans E BAZISTNATA (main) ingredients in almost all PRODUCTS BERGMAN.
Beta glucan is a biological ingredient (polysaccharide) derived from fermented process of yeast (yeast). Beta glucan has a unique molecular structure that corresponds perfectly with the molecules of the skin. Because of its enormous qualities, Beta Glukanat called "revolyutsionnen"
In sledsvie of advanced searches are undeniably proven numerous properties of beta-glucans:
• Prevents and destroys free radicals
• Keeps skin moisture
• Supports the function of the skin
• Helps regeneration of the skin and restores the natural renewal process
• Prevents and corrects sensitive skin type
• Resumes skin radiance
• Prevent pollution and external factors
• Reduces the appearance of scars

Useful formulations. Together with the beta-glucans, various creams contain numerous other effective ingredients such as vitamin E (an important antioxidant) and vitamin F (essential fatty acid moisturizes the skin). Well-known anti-wrinkle ingredient Retinol (vitamin A) is also present. Silk emulsion nourishes, protects and improves the moisture level of the skin and has a preventive function, slows the aging process.
The result is not only visibly improved skin that looks younger and a truly rejuvenated skin.



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