RELAXAN 60 caps

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RELAXAN is made up of 100% natural products. Removes depression and anxiety, improves the duration and quality of sleep. An excellent tool for fighting stress.



  • A completely natural product with proven effect;
  • It does not lead to habituation;
  • No side effects;
  • Absolutely safe for single or regular use;
  • With easy and convenient intake;
  • Tested by experts;
  • Certified – meets all quality standards;
  • Can be used in combination with drug therapy;
  • Totally herbal, sparing body formula;
  • In the form of specially designed, easy-to-use gelatin capsules;
  • High efficacy and visible results after short-term intake;
  • Optimizes the functioning of the nervous system (both central and peripheral).

RELAXAN contains an extract of the unique plant – the plant miracle that fights depression and reduces body weight. The plant seed extract is the perfect tool for anxiety and insomnia, and it also suppresses hunger and helps us to lose weight more easily.


Gryphonia simplicifolia is a unique plant that is most widespread in Western and Central Africa. It’s unique because it contains only 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) so high. Amino acid, which forms the basis of the formation of the important serotonin and which is responsible for good mood, balancing emotions and calm sleep. In a synthetic form, 5-HTP is used as a major ingredient or additive in a number of antidepressants.

Scientists have found, however, that the concentration of 5-HTP in the African Grignonia plant seeds is so high that it can safely be a substitute for many of the synthetic preparations. In fact, 5-HTP is synthesized by a healthy human organism. Thanks to the full consumption of foods rich in protein, tryptophan is synthesized in our body, which stimulates the formation of 5-HTP and, respectively, the release of serotonin. It has been found, however, that serotonin production decreases with age, and deficiency can lead to depressive states, nervousness, confusion, insomnia, migraines, but also metabolic problems and weight gain.



Passionflower / extract / 200 mg


Passionflower (a passionate flower translation) is a tree liana up to 10 meters long, growing in the tropical and subtropical regions of South and North America. The plant receives its name from the Spanish missionaries, according to which the beauty of its colors, emerging from the unobtrusive visual buds, could only be compared to Christ’s crucifixion. The local name of the Pasiflora, at least among the Aztecs, was snake tongue (they used it for snake bites).


Passionflower contains three main types of chemicals: alkaloids, glycosides and flavonoids (mainly chrysin that binds to its soothing effect). Isolated natural serotonin and maltol – a chemical with proven sedative effect. The herb is used in anxiety, insomnia, hysteria, high blood pressure, accelerated heartbeat, pains of different nature, muscle and joint problems, alcoholism, cough, asthma, menopause, as an aphrodisiac.



Valerian / root extract / 200 mg


The herb is also called a dahlia, a herb or a millet. Perennial herb, up to 1.5 m high. The stem is with oppositely arranged leaves, the flowers are light pink to white, in complex inflorescences in the summer, then form small seeds with white hairs.


Contains essential oil (valerian ester) in glycoside valerid, valeropotriates, alkaloids, resins, tannins, sugars. The roots contain iridoids, valerian acids that affect the nervous system.


It is applied internally to nerve exhaustion, heart rate regulation, insomnia, hysteria, fear, high blood pressure.



Ginger / root extract / 200 mg


It looks a little strange, like a small, round, brown cactus. But its aroma is pleasantly spicy, and its taste is absolutely unique, reminiscent of citrus with a hot taste.


5-HTP / Extract Gryphonia (40 mg)


According to new research, the African plant, the gryphonia, does not yield to the qualities of some of the strongest antidepressants. It’s unique because it contains only 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) so high. Amino acid, which forms the basis of the formation of the important serotonin and which is responsible for good mood, balancing emotions and calm sleep.



Anxiety and anxiety;





Panic attacks;

Feeling confused;

Accelerated pulse;

Joint pains and muscles;




Directions for use:


  •   2 capsules a day, after eating with enough water
  •   Experts recommend 3 months to get the best results. But you can begin to feel some of the benefits and improvements much earlier.
  •   Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet.
  •   Not recommended for persons under 18 years of age.
  •   In pregnancy, breastfeeding and higher doses should be taken after consultation with a specialist.


RELAXAN 60 caps