Supreme cream



The first unmistakable signs of the aging process of the skin occurs when the skin look thinner, drier and less soft, supple and smooth than in the past. At the same time, fine lines appear at a later stage, small pigmentation. In most cases, the natural aging of cells is the main cause of these visible signs of skin aging.

Supreme Cream (Supreme cream) was created specifically to fight the natural aging process of the skin with the most effective and valuable ingredients that we use in our products to the development of
Supreme Cream. All this is combined in a unique cream, carefully selected on the basis of origin and quality. After the selection of exclusively natural raw materials, production is carried out in stages on a traditional process carried out by the best craftsmen specialists in the cosmetics industry. The product is subjected to extensive testing, then the ideal result is carefully placed in exclusive packaging specifically designed for Supreme Cream.


SUPREME CREAM provides optimal skin care during the day and night. The unique combination of our main ingredient beta-glucans and glycoproteins rich combination of two types of vitamin E, vitamin F and B5 are the key ingredients of this supreme and exclusive anti-wrinkle cream. This lightweight structure also contains other valuable ingredients such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, Squalane and Aloe Vera that make your face appear obviously softer and younger.

The powerful impact of this silky soft “cream of creams” provides significant skin softness; lifting effect is obvious, and optimized balance of hydration significantly helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles formed.