ProCombo Probiotic + Prebiotic x 10 capsules.

With ProCombo, your stomach works calmly because it receives all the probiotic bacteria it needs every day.

ProCombo takes care of your gut health when you drink strong drugs because the “good” bacteria in it survive the hostile environment.

ProCombo Probiotic + Prebiotic is an effective combination of probiotic cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus and prebiotic short-chain fructooligosaccharides. It helps restore balance in the gastrointestinal tract after the use of antibiotics. Its intake ensures the maintenance of the population of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. The formula of ProCombo Probiotic + Prebiotic allows intake together with the antibiotic and contributes to better digestion and effective absorption of valuable nutrients. The special Green capsule contains chlorophyllin, which further promotes intestinal health.

solvent free;
without preservatives;
gluten free;
without sugar;
without GMOs.
ProCombo provides effective maintenance of the balance of the normal intestinal flora. It supplies a sufficient amount of live probiotic cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14® (200 billion CFU/g) plus the probiotic fructooligosaccharides necessary for their growth and development in the human gastrointestinal tract.
Recommended daily dose:
1 capsule daily, an hour or two after a meal with a sufficient amount of liquid (at least 1 glass of water).

Not known.