VenoPower Healthy Veins and Capillaries 30 tabs

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VenoPower Healthy Veins and Capillaries x30 tablets

Adipharm’s VenoPower is a food supplement that boosts the tone of the veins, helps tone up and strengthen venous blood vessels and circulation, contributes to normal contraction of venous vessels, reduces capillary permeability and brittleness and improves microcirculation and lymphocyte. VenoPower is an exclusive combination of diosmin, hexeridine and horse chestnut extract. Diosmin and Hesperidin are plant-derived bioflavonoids derived from citrus fruits. They support the natural mechanism of protection against degradation of elastin and collagen, which are an important structural element with a certain concentration in normal venous vessels. Wild chestnut has a perennial, anti-inflammatory, capillary and analgesic effect. It also reduces the increased tendency for blood clotting and clotting (thrombi), and reduces blood viscosity.

  • improves microcirculation and lymphocyte.
  • reduce stretching and increase vein tone.
  • helps tone up and strengthen venous blood vessels and blood circulation.
  • supports normal contraction of venous vessels.
  • reduces the permeability and brittleness of the capillaries.

Recommended daily dose:

The product is taken with 2 tablets a day in the morning and in the evening.

The product is a nutritional supplement not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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