Oral health

There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful smile from a loved one. And indeed, smiling is a splendid emotion that speaks of love, care and happiness. Unfortunately, millions of people in the USA abstain from smiling. Why? Due to unhealthy teeth or poor oral health. Sad but true!

There is no room for worry though as improving your oral health is easier than you may think. The first and most important step is to accept the fact that you might need an improvement in your oral hygiene. After that, you just need to take the necessary steps towards achieving a gorgeous smile. In the following lines we are going to tell you how! Let’s get started!

Tip # 1 for oral health: Brush your teeth 3 times a day

If you want to improve your oral health, you need to brush your teeth after each main meal. It will help you prevent food sticking in-between your teeth and unpleasant breath. This practice will ensure that your lovely teeth are receiving proper and thorough cleaning. Choose a high quality toothpaste that is gentle to your teeth and yet useful.

Furthermore, regular tooth brushing can help you decrease the risk of developing various gum diseases and bad breath. As you can imagine, these are among the major contributors for an unattractive and repulsive smile. Just make sure you brush your teeth properly. That means 3 minutes per brushing, and making sure you cover every single tooth in your mouth.

Tip # 2 for oral health: Stop smoking

Did you know that smoking is the archenemy of oral health? That’s right! It has been established that smokers have a way poorer dental health, a less attractive smile, and a much bigger chance for developing mouth cancer. Have you already started considering seizing smoking? If yes, you can try some of these products that will help you say “No!” to cigarettes.

In addition to the serious health outcomes caused by smoking, including mouth, trhouth, or lung cancer, the bad habit can further lead to teeth discoloration and extremely bad breath. Furthermore, according to science smokers are much more likely to develop weakened teeth, infected gums, and a decreased success rate during dental implant treatments.

Tip # 3 for oral health: Lower your sugar intake

There is no doubt sugar is among the biggest enemies to health and wellbeing in the United States. The overweight and obesity rates are extremely worrying. Diabetes is on the rise and our oral health has never been more poor in the entire history of humankind. Fortunately, not all is lost and there are plenty of approaches you can adopt in order to cut down on your sugar intake.

For starters, you can reduce the consumption of fizzy drinks and sugary foods like soda, chocolate bars, confectionery, juices and even alcoholic drinks. All of these can put your oral health at greater risk for cavities and repulsive breath. The main reason being here is the fact that excessive sugar leads to the creation of acids in your mouth, thus forming an ideal environment for harmful bacteria growth. Going sugar-free is a sure path to a beautiful smile!

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