Furthermore , Tribulus Terestris – a plant that grows in some regions with temperate and tropical climates. For centuries, it has played an important role in traditional medicine.

The ancient Greeks used tribulus as a diuretic (it actually shows diuretic properties and this is one of its additional benefits) and a mood enhancer. In India, people use Tribulus as a diuretic and antiseptic, while in China, they use it to treat various diseases of the liver, kidneys, and cardiovascular system.

Tribulus contains extremely high levels of biological agents such as flavonoids, alkaloids, and others.

Bulgaria and other Balkan countries mainly use Tribulus as a component of libido enhancing medicines.

Since the mid-1980s, the herb has received a lot of attention from people involved in fitness and bodybuilding.

Numerous clinical studies confirm the high effectiveness of the drug in the treatment of various types of impotence, increased libido and orgasm.

In addition, the drug increases the production of the pituitary follicle-stimulating hormone, which improves testicular spermatogenesis.

FuIn addition to increasing sexual drive and performance, athletes experience significant increases in muscle strength and size due to the powerful anabolic hormone testosterone. In addition, many athletes now use anabolic steroids under the protection of the drug.

This allows you to maintain normal production of testosterone in the body.Experts recommend using the drug in all cases where steroid hormones have been used for a long period of time.

Athletes use the herbal extract of Tribulus as it has a strong diuretic effect. They use it for 3 days before a race to get rid of excess water in the body.

The action of Tribulus has been proven in both men and women, particularly after the age of 30, as it normalizes the pituitary hormones FSH and LH, thereby restoring the balance of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone synthesis.

Stop taking Babi’s teeth five days before the onset of menstruation. Using the drug during menopause can completely eliminate all or almost all of the symptoms.

It is used for:

In men:

decreased libido
infertility (since the formation of mature sperm requires at least 80 days, the minimum intake is 80-90 days, ie full cycle of spermatogenesis)
to increase muscle strength and mass in athletes
For women:

infertility (1st to 12th day of the menstrual cycle. The combination with medicines that stimulate ovulation produces the best results)
premenstrual syndrome
Tsvetita Herbal extracts – Tribulus Max and Tribulus + Ginkgo are great for men who have problems with potency and self-esteem.

Both sexes can use these completely natural herbal extracts. You can use them for sporting purposes. They can enhance endurance, facilitate muscle mass gain, or expedite recovery from intense physical and mental exertion.

In ladies, Tribulus works by regulating hormones, relieving menstrual pains, raising estrogen levels and finding use in some types of infertility.

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